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What is the “BV System” that some of the guns use?

“BV” stands for Bullet Valve, and is so named because the bb is a critical component of the firing cycle, much like the cartridge is in a real firearm. Co-developed by JAC and Asahi and first released in 1986, it remains as one of the most powerful and reliable gas operating systems ever designed, with the only consumable parts being standard sized o-rings which are available from any local hardware store.

What FPS and ROF do these guns shoot at?

The beauty of the BV operating system is that velocity and rate of fire are adjustable simply by controlling the amount of gas pressure being fed into the gun. The higher the gas pressure used, the higher the velocity and rate of fire. Recoil spring stiffness and chamber o-ring stiffness further play a role in velocity and rate of fire, so through the manipulation of gas pressure, spring stiffness, and o-ring stiffness one can make the same gun shoot low ROF/ low FPS, high ROF/ high FPS, low ROF/ high FPS, or high ROF/ low FPS with minor adjustments that take only seconds to do.

What is a "subchamber"?

In the BV operating system, the subchamber is a moving part within the firing chamber that is analogous to the loading nozzle is a gas pistol A “custom subchamber” is a common upgrade in some of these guns, and is often engineered of harder metals with tighter tolerances and larger airflow, resulting in both greater gas efficiency and higher velocity when compared to the stock unit.

What is a "subtank"?

In guns that have an onboard gas tank, the subtank is the air passage that connects the gas tank to the valve body. A “custom subtank” will have a larger bore so that gas flow is increased, resulting in higher velocity and rate of fire when compared to the stock unit.

What is a "recoiler weight"?

A recoiler weight is a device which clamps to one or more of the recoiling parts of a BV system gun, though typically it is installed on the inner barrel, This increased mass will require additional gas pressure to build up behind the BB before the gun will fire, resulting in additional muzzle velocity, and also heavier recoil as the additional mass snaps back into battery. A recoiler weight assembly will include both the weight itself as well as the enlarged housing to contain it and keep the inner parts free of dirt and debris. Recoiler weight assemblies are very easily modified to perform double duty as anti-rotation collars.

What is an "anti-rotation collar"?

In most BV system guns, the inner barrel is a motive part. Since the recoil spring is a coil, this can cause the axis of the inner barrel to rotate a small degree during each shot. While it is not needed in a gun without hop-up, in the guns that DO have hop-up the “hop-up” can become “hop-side” and even “hop-down” as the inner barrel rotates over time. An anti-rotation collar is a device which prevents the inner barrel from rotating, making sure that your hop-up in your gun is always has the correct rotational alignment. If one of our classic airsoft guns has been upgraded with a hop-up barrel system, rest assured that it will also have an anti-rotation collar installed.